Our Director

Peter Blau Ormsby, native of Samish Island, is thrilled to be the new director of the North Cascades Concert Band. Growing up seeing  his folks (John Blau and Susanne Kuykendall– pictured below) perform in the band made a lasting impression and shaped his journey into music education.  Pianist, trombonist, composer and teacher, Peter also directs the Edison Lutheran Church choir, plays trombone in small ensembles and bass with his brother Eddy Blau.
Piano lessons with Marilyn Brossard, trombone in the school band with Jerry Schrader singing in swing choir and musical theater were some of Peter’s coming- of-age music experiences. He received a BA in Music Ed from the University of Puget Sound where he performed in the Wind Ensemble under Bob Musser, the U. Jazz Band and the Adelphian Concert Choir. There he also studied trombone with Steve Fissel (Bass Trombone in the Seattle Symphony). Later , Peter earned a Master of Music from the University of Washington where he studied trombone with Don Immel and performed under Tim Salzman in the UW Wind Ensemble
He now lives in Bellingham with his wife, Gregory Anne Ormsby and their two kids Nor and Abby.

. Peter became the assistant to former director of the NCCB, Rob Patterman, for two concert series last year and is grateful to Rob for his leadership and guidance

The North Cascades Concert Band is very proud of the diversity found among our members and the extraordinary individual talents they provide. Every member brings a rich musical background with them from which they may share and others may learn. Several of our members have written compositions either for solo instruments, small ensembles, or for the band.

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President Skip Williams
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Treasurer Sue Barnes
Member-at-Large #1 John  Boblett
Member-at-Large #2 John Garrett
Member-at-Large #3 Bard Croyden
Member-at-Large #4 Jay Price
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Recording Secretary Bob Harper
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Keith Eidie - Founder, Conductor  Emeritus (in Memoriam)
  Peter Ormsby - Conductor, Musical Director
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