The North Cascade Concert Band is deeply grateful for the recent financial support and services provided by these individuals and organizations.

 Business Season Sponsors



Recent Individual Season Sponsors

  • Les and Sharon Cooper
  • Claude and Margaret Dilly
  • Adrienne Eide
  • Leilani Erps
  • Maurice and Helen Fink
  • Paul Graves
  • Rosalee Lewis
  • Dave and JoAnne Harkonen
  • Bob Harper
  • R. Adm. Robert Higgins
  • Nelson and Kathleen Hoose
  • Mel and Leslie Krous
  • Gwen Kuhn
  • Claudia and George Libbey
  • Alan and Jeannie Lish
  • Steve Luther
  • Jan and Chuck Mallary

  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller
  • Arlan Moen
  • Juha and Nikki Niemisto
  • Pat and Kitty Pattermann
  • Rob Pattermann
  • Carl and Marjorie Riechhardt
  • Iris Reynolds
  • Dr. Cherrelyn Seegers
  • John and Barb Slater
  • Jacqueline Smith
  • Kelvin and Barbara Smith
  • Dick and Laura Smock
  • Ramona and Hale Thornburgh
  • Lyle and Carla Tieberghien
  • Patricia Vavrick
  • Barbara Weaver
  • Froitz and Ilsa Weimann

Keith Eide Memorial Donors

  • Roseleen and Jackie Ary
  • Wendy Atterberry
  • M/M Keith Benton
  • Marjorie Bollinger
  • Gerald and Gail Bongard
  • Robert Buck
  • Adrienne Eide
  • Jill Estvold
  • Michael and Betty Foster
  • Paul and Maria Gander
  • James Gavin
  • Miriam Greenshields
  • Alta Kussman
  • Charles and Beverly Landgraf
  • Rosalie and Reg Lewis
  • Gene and Barbara Nelson
  • Ann Nelson
  • Dennis and Patricia Newton
  • John and Charlotte Nordgaard
  • Gretchen Pigott
  • Carl and Marjorie Riechhardt
  • Stan and Cheri Relyea
  • Richard and Audrey Rice
  • Rodney Rothlisberger
  • Lucretia Way


While our expenses include music, hall rental, artists' fees, equipment, hall management fees, advertising, posters, flyers, postage, etc.. Our income comes from our patron.  Please join the individuals listed above in their support of the North Cascades Concert Band.

Your tax deductible donation may be sent to:   NCCB, P.O. Box 51 41, Bellingham, WA 98227-5141.
Please include your name (as you wish it to appear on a contributor list) along with your address.